Beantown Café Coffee Menu

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At Beantown Café our baristas are ready to serve you. We have an extensive selection of brewed coffees, specialty coffees, teas, seasonal drinks, and iced or hot drinks. Our in-house baked goods are the perfect pairing. We have muffins, cookies, cinnamon twists, and seasonal squares. 

Seasonal Lattes - April Showers 

All lattes are made with Torani syrups and Eby Manor A2 Golden Guernsey milk. Alternative milks are available including almond and oat. Can be made hot or iced.

Spring Fling: raspberry and hazelnut

April Showers: strawberry, french vanilla, hazelnut

Chocolate Buttercrunch: dark chocolate, english chocolate topped with skor bits

Nutty Beaver: hazelnut, brown sugar cinnamon, vanilla

Defrost Tea Latte: Charles grey tea, white chocolate, cinnamon

Honey Blossom: honey and lavender

Early Bird: oat milk, brown sugar cinnamon, maple syrup

Nitro Feature:

Spiced Spring Brew: Nitro cold brew sweetened with local maple syrup and winter spice syrup, topped with cinnamon and your choice of dairy.

Fuzzy Peach Nitro Tea Lemonade: Nitro pear green and white tea sweetened with peach syrup and lemonade.

White Chocolate French Vanilla Brew: Nitro cold brew sweetened with white chocolate and French vanilla syrup, topped with our choice of dairy.


Brewed Coffee (daily selection)


Americano (espresso + hot water)

Cappuccino (espresso + steamed milk + foam)

Latte (espresso + milk)

Specialty Latte (see above) – our famous seasonal lattes are a customer favourite!

Flat White (espresso + steamed milk)

Pour Over

Nitro Coffee (now available year round!)

Affogato (espresso + ice cream)


Tea – a selection of caffeinated and herbal teas

Chai Latte (chai + milk)

Dirty Chai Latte (chai + espresso + milk)

London Fog (Charles Grey tea + steamed milk)

Punkey Doodles Tea Latte (mint tea + hot chocolate)

Hot Chocolate

Steamers (steamed milk + optional flavour)

+ Cold drinks

In-house brewed iced teas and iced tea lemonades

Milkshakes made with Shaw's ice cream... add an espresso shot to make it extra fantastic!

We also have a selection of drinks in our fridge including Hitchhiker lemonade iced teas and local selection of craft beers and more!